National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement

Increasing Provider Engagement in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems

As states develop and revise their Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS), many have focused particular attention and effort on increasing provider participation rates. The Early Learning Challenge Technical Assistance Program, along with the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement, created this brief to highlight efforts to raise provider participation in three states: Indiana, Kentucky, and Washington. These states were selected because they represent varied but successful approaches to increasing QRIS participation.

Trends in Child Care Licensing: 2011

State child care licensing regulations and policies on monitoring and enforcement provide a baseline of protection to ensure the well-being of children in early and school-age care and education settings. Regulations and methods of enforcement, however, vary greatly from State to State. Standards in some States provide greater protection and more stringent enforcement methods than in other States.

QRIS in Statute and Regulation

This overview from the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement provides information on how quality rating and improvement systems are embedded into policy at the state level through statute and regulation.

State Program Quality Standards about Child Assessment

This brief by the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement provides an analysis of the extent that State program quality standards include requirements or criteria pertaining to assessing children’s development. Three sets of States’ program standards were examined - state-funded preschool program requirements, quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) graduated program quality standards, and child care licensing regulations.

A Foundation for Quality Improvement Systems: State Licensing, Preschool and QRIS Program Standards

This brief by the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement is an examination of current standards that apply to varied types of early care and education programs. It contains an overview of the types of program quality standards in States, discusses challenges faced by States in establishing a common set of standards, and describes the applicability of standards to varied programs and settings for young children.