2019 QRIS National Meeting

Participant Digital Media Kit

1. Digital Assets for Conference Participants

We have prepared a variety of images for use across social networks, newsletters, email signatures, and websites (as needed).

BUILD can easily adapt existing conference images for use on your organization’s website. Please email Mariana Florit, to request a custom-sized graphic. MFlorit@buildinitiative.org.


1.1 Social Media General Images

  • Seven general images for Facebook. These can be used when you post ANY content about the conference on your social networks. Each image is sized specifically for Facebook. 

1.2 Email Signature

1.3 Registered Graphic


2. BUILD on Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest information on the conference.  

Keep up with the buzz by using #QRIS2019 in every social post you share. Be sure to tag us!  


3. Sample Social Media Content

All social content can be adapted to your individual or organizational needs. Tag your colleagues using the @ symbol ahead of their name. 

Social media content can run from the hyper-specific (dates/times/locations of interesting sessions or dinner plans) to the mundane (commentary on your hotel room, pictures of food, selfies, etc.).

3.1 Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

The Facebook character limit is 63,206 (THAT’S REALLY LONG!) while the LinkedIn character limit for personal accounts is 210 characters or fewer (before clicking ‘See more’) and 1,300 characters total.

Twitter allows up to 280 characters per post. Use an abbreviated description, or better yet, use links to drive your followers to your session description. Make sure to use abbreviated links to maximize your character usage. Bitly is a free option for shortening URLs.

    • Have you registered for #QRIS2019 with @TheBUILDInitiative? I just registered! Check out the full conference agenda here: https://qrisnetwork.org/.
    • Will you be in #NoLa for #QRIS2019? Looking forward to connecting with colleagues in state about XYZ topic. Conference details here: https://qrisnetwork.org/.
    • Just signed up for #QRIS2019 with the early bird rate! Just a couple more days to lock in discounted rate! https://qrisnetwork.org/
    • I’m looking for support on XYZ topic during #QRIS2019. Let’s connect!
    • I’m attending XYZ session. Anyone else interested in attending? #QRIS2019
    • Hoping to connect with state colleagues in XYZ state about ABC topic during #QRIS2019. Anyone attending?  

4. Hashtags

Below is a suggested list of hashtags for use on social media.