Community of Practice on QRIS Data

Communities of practice (CoP) are a widely used strategy for deliberately enriching professional practice. Shared learning, application and reflection are central to this approach. This community of practice was focused on continuous quality improvement of QRIS through improved data use. The group convened monthly following the July 2016 BUILD meeting for a full year. Each month, participant presenters led focused presentations on a salient topics pertaining to the use of data in QRIS practice.
During each session, presenters described the promising practice or problems of practice and context that has led to that focus. Participants not presenting in a given session had access to the reading materials and discussion questions in advance.

The structure of each session was loosely as follows:

  1. Discussion of how previous session content has been applied to practice by members of the group
  2. Presentation of the session’s main focus topic
  3. Discussion of emergent themes related to the presentation

These sessions resulted in a user’s guide that describes a collection of data practices and strategies useful to anyone interested in more effectively implementing any quality rating and improvement system (QRIS). Rather than delving deeply into statistics or database language, the guide focuses on accessible concepts and ready-to-use resources. There are links to articles and to training documents, agenda templates and meeting activities, as well as case examples to ground the information in practice. The guide is organized so that it can be read cover to cover in less than hour or be used as a reference.