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State: Any Resource Type: Engagement & Outreach


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2009
As parents, you want the very best for your children. That’s what Quality Start is all about. When you choose a Quality Start member child care center, you know you are choosing a center that is among the finest in the state. Quality Start is a voluntary...


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2016
Learn & Grow is a recognition system that advances the quality of early care and learning to foster the success of young children. Learn & Grow provides a framework for all early care and learning programs to follow as they participate in...


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2012
Helping parents choose, preparing children to learn.


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2012
Great Start Connect is Michigan’s online Early Learning Resource and houses the licensed early learning and development program child care provider search database, the workforce professional development registry, connections to resources across the...

Rhode Island

Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2015
Rhode Island has engaged in a state-wide marketing campaign called Quality Matters targeted to families and organizations that work directly with families. These materials include: Parent Guide (English) Parent Guide (Spanish) Posters (English &...


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2011
Choosing child care and other resources for parents.


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2012
This section of the Care About Childcare website is designed to promote how the new system can be useful to parents.  Care About Childcare's ( online system, designed in partnership with the Child Care...
Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2012
This website went live in January 2012 and is designed to promote quality child care for both families and child care providers in the State of Utah.  Every licensed center and licensed family/home provider will have a profile page on...


Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2015
Wisconsin has developed a series of Inclusion resource pages that identify national, state and local resources available to child care providers and parents.  These materials were developed in collaboration with state and local agency stakeholders...